Nathan Ritterpusch

Painting at the End of the World is delighted to be working with American painter Nathan Ritterpusch.

Ritterpusch is a painter of exceptional skill. Working with a range of photographic imagery that is both found and staged, Ritterpusch creates technically astute paintings with a broad painterly vocabulary.

Ritterpusch employs a particular image selection technique, in which a range of disparate images, from differing times, motivation and circumstance, are brought together on canvas in order to allow their unique ideological origins new trajectories. The alternate demonstrations of skill in a variety of painted ‘realisms’ butted up against more gestural and expressive daubs enable the gaps between the selected visual rhetoric to bounce around inside our own individual take on popular culture and contemporary painting.

Ritterpusch paints like a virtuoso, not one that is stylistically slavish to his particular choice of subject matter. Selected images are often transformed from the original B+W into rich painted swathes of colour and vice versa. The particular and blissful mixture of painting technique and image choice, make Ritterpusch paintings reverberate with a knowing cool.