Charley Peters

Painting at the End of the World is very excited to be working with London based painter Charley Peters.

Charley Peters’ work employs a rational methodology of drawing and painting to generate work with a refined, reductive aesthetic. Interested in the point of collapse between two and three dimensions, her practice examines notions of folded space and visual construction. Using systematic and logical approaches such as repetition, perspective, mathematical patterns and geometry, her work explores the interruption of the two dimensional plane and the manifestation of flatness in three dimensions. Peters’ work is precisely executed, concealing the artist’s hand in its production. Her work can be positioned within a discourse about the condition of painting in a post-digital landscape, exploring the material experience of paint in the age of the screen and the role of analogue programming to generate painted form.

Living and working in London, Peters has completed a PhD in Fine Art Theory and Practice, which explored notions of the interior space in art and its relationship to Freud’s writings on The Uncanny. She has held academic posts lecturing in Fine Art and Critical Theory at institutions including University of the Arts London, Manchester Metropolitan University and Victoria and Albert Museum, and visiting lectureships at Royal College of Art, University of Wales Institute Cardiff and Leeds University. Peters is a contributing writer to Abstract Critical, contemporary writing on abstract art, and Saturation Point, the online editorial and curatorial project for reductive, geometric and systems based artists working in the UK today.

Recent group shows include:
2017 a5xn, Dalla Rosa Gallery, London
2016 Imperfect Reverse, Camberwell Space, London and Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge
2016 Fiction (with only daylight between us) Corridor Space, Dayton, Ohio and Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg
2016 Counter Shift, Art 3, New York
2016 The Fold, Blyth Gallery, London
2016 Stoke: Pascal-Michel Dubois, Phil King and Charley Peters, Gallery TwentyTwo, Bristol
2016 Jump Cut (with Saturation Point Projects), The Averard Hotel, London