Painting at the End of the world is an organisation dedicated to showing the best in emerging contemporary painting and art practice. Currently based in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, this free floating curatorial project will engage with painters from across the world via solo, duo and group shows in a variety of locations. The organisation does not represent individual artists, but seeks to act as a critical platform. Painting at the End of the World is also working on the production of a series of publications that will engage critical writing with contemporary trends in painting and curatorial practice.

Painting at the End of the World aims to focus on the wider indexical syntax currently embedded within certain trends in contemporary painting, in particular post analogue painting and mac-straction. The aim is also to further open up the dialog on medium specificity or dissolution thereof, by introducing a range of contemporary sculptural practices to the conversation.

Painting at the end of the World is a not for profit organisation.

Ian Goncharov, director.